Harnessing the Power Within: A Course for Personal and Life Mastery, the Vocal Awareness® System

September 12, 2009 9am-5pm
Beverly Hilton Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

Your voice is your identity. It tells people everything about who you are, how you feel about yourself, and what you believe in. You may spend thousands of dollars a year making sure that you look good, feel good and even smell good. But how do you sound?

The Vocal Awareness® System, originated by Arthur Samuel Joseph, M.A., helps to alleviate common vocal and communication challenges that inhibit your ability to express your Self and impact your environment more effectively. In these challenging economic times you need every tool at your disposal to have maximum impact as an entrepreneur, businessperson, athlete, coach, or performer, and of course, in your life.

Mr. Joseph is one of the leading authorities on the human voice. For over 45 years he has been a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies, national broadcasters, and Hollywood and Sports Celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, Magic Johnson, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Disney, Toyota, Federal Reserve Bank and the Ritz-Carlton. He has been a professor at USC, a visiting artist at Yale and George Washington Universities, and has taught at the Graduate Extension Program at New York University.

Mr. Joseph’s mission “to change the world through voice” is well underway. Harnessing the Power Within is the first course in the Vocal Awareness® Certification Program.

With Vocal Awareness® you will learn to:
• Use your voice strategically — at home, at work, at play, everywhere!
• Learn in-depth exercises and techniques to unlock the power of your Voice and integrate Mind/Body/Spirit?simple effective tools that will lead to personal mastery.
• Speak with anyone anytime — consciously, strategically, comfortably and confidently.
• Discover how to develop your natural, dynamic voice.
• Raise your endorphins through breath and sound.
• Create a “presence” in your speech.
• Build Self-esteem and Self-confidence.
• Communicate effectively in every situation.
• Love your Voice, love your life — all the time!

Remember: Your voice is your identity – it represents you to the world. Conscious listening and speaking lead to mastery of Self and Life.