Vocal Awareness® Testimonials

Elizabeth Harmetz is personally certified to teach Vocal Awareness® by its creator Arthur Samuel Joseph, MA who states:

"Quite simply, Elizabeth Harmetz, is one of the most gifted, dedicated artist/teachers I have ever had the privilege of teaching.
Her commitment to the Work has helped her fulfill the promise of an extraordinarily remarkable voice.
Elizabeth teaches and lives in integrity. She will make a difference in the life of anyone who has the opportunity of studying with her."

Arthur Samuel Joseph is one of the leading authorities on the human voice and a consultant, strategist, and teacher to many Fortune 500 companies, national broadcasters, and Hollywood and Sports Celebrities.

"Arthur Samuel Joseph started as a teacher of mine (many) years ago. Over these years, he has become a good friend whose teachings of Vocal Awareness® have been a constant in my life."
Pierce Brosnan, Actor

"Arthur Samuel Joseph's Vocal Awareness® techniques continue to help enhance my vocal stature. The orderly step-by-step exercises give me usable tools to repeatedly groom in voice, color, clarity, range and power."
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor, Entrepreneur

"...Arthur Joseph's proven techniques will make your voice heard and get you where you want to go!"
Jack Canfield, Co-Author, Chicken Soup For the Soul Series

"If you're searching for the power within, through Vocal Awareness®, you can find the sound of your soul."
Quincy Jones, Musician, Composer, Producer

"They always say that what comes out of your mouth is who you are...well, Arthur is going to make it sound great and make it mean something."
Pat Riley, NBA Coach

"I was able to learn an incredible amount about my voice and about how to have a great impact with more pleasure and less pain."
Tony Robbins, Success Coach

“I knew the potential was inside of me but I didn’t know how to get it out. Arthur Samuel Joseph is a master at finding the undiscovered potential within an individual and expanding it to its greatest degree.”
Angela Pupello, co-star, national tour of Les Miserables

Public Speaking: “After many years of public speaking as a major part of my career, I discovered that I had been seriously misusing my voice. When I met Arthur Samuel Joseph, my voice was in such bad condition that I was in danger of losing it. Under his caring and professional therapy, I recovered full use of my voice. More than ten years later, the techniques he taught me are still working for me.”
Dr. W. Stanley Mooneyham, past president, World Vision International

“To me, Vocal Awareness® is the key that unlocks the door to Self-expression.”
Victoria Jackson, creator and president, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics

“Vocal Awareness® is unique in that it doesn’t just change behavior, it changes one’s way of thinking. It creates a confidence, discipline, and understanding that allows for fundamental and lasting growth.”
Dennis Holland, Sports Agent

"Many people ask to be heard on the subject of vocal production. Arthur Samuel Joseph is one of the very few who deserve our attention. He provides a unique, comprehensive approach that should be required reading for everyone interested in the subject..."
Earle R. Gister, Former Associate Dean, Yale School of Drama

“Whether you’re talking to hundreds of thousands of people via television or a handful of employees at a staff meeting, Vocal Awareness® can help. Arthur Samuel Joseph works on more than the mechanics of your voice and speaking well, he also helps you overcome those ever present jitters and nerves that get in the way of being a good communicator.”
Jann Carl, anchor/ correspondent – Entertainment Tonight

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