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Mastery for your Voice, Mastery for your Life.

Discover Conscious Vocal Power, An exciting and effective way to communicate in every situation: on stage, on film, and in life.
Private voice lessons and vocal workshops teach mastery of your singing voice
• If you are seeking power and freedom in your personal and artistic expression,
• If you are ready to realize your dreams by applying meticulous attention to detail, using a healthy, sustainable, and sublimely pleasurable vocal technique,
• If you are excited by the possibility of real confidence, integrity, and authority in your speaking, singing, and acting,

Then Conscious Vocal Power’s simultaneous and conscious attention to vocal technique, physical freedom, and emotional expression is your roadmap to Life and Career Mastery.

When you are ready to take the journey, Conscious Vocal Power will have a profound and positive impact on the realization of your goals.

• Successful working performers will get to the next level of skill, empowerment, and ownership of their art and of their lives.
• Serious amateurs and aspiring performers uncover their true artistic potential.
• Business people and coaches develop a meaningful relationship with and confidence in their own voices.

Private Voice Lessons and Vocal Workshops.

Through private voice lessons and our vocal workshops you will learn how to:

  • Sing with freedom and joy.
  • Increase the richness and resonance of your voice.
  • Connect to your limitless potential.
  • Release tension and fear.
  • Access the power of Vocal Awareness®.
  • Become an effective storyteller and communicator.
  • Reveal yourself as a passionate artist and inspiring person.

Conscious Vocal Power is intense focused work that will require you to explore profound parts of yourself, bringing your unconscious depths into the light. Although Conscious Vocal Power can seem to work instant miracles, the real benefits come from long term committed study and application.
It is ultimately never about teacher or student; it is only ever about the Work, the path to Self-Actualization, Mastery, and Joy.

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