Elizabeth Harmetz Testimonials

"Quite simply, Elizabeth Harmetz, is one of the most gifted, dedicated artist/teachers I have ever had the privilege of teaching.
Her commitment to the Work has helped her fulfill the promise of an extraordinarily remarkable voice.
Elizabeth teaches and lives in integrity. She will make a difference in the life of anyone who has the opportunity of studying with her.
Arthur Samuel Joseph, Founder Vocal Awareness® Institute

"Elizabeth Harmetz is an outstanding performer and a wonderful voice teacher! I have had professional contact with her in both capacities, and have found her to be highly skilled as a performer and pedagogue. She is a consummate professional, both on stage and in the teaching studio!
My experiences performing with Elizabeth in central Florida’s premier baroque ensemble "Bella Baroque" were one of the highlights of my career. As a featured soloist with this ensemble, Elizabeth demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of baroque performance practice as she effortlessly negotiated melismas and appropriate embellishments. Her great dramatic artistry is reflected in her superb performances of operatic literature of all eras. Her commanding stage presence is only equal to the exquisite quality of her voice. The beautiful timbre of her voice accentuates the careful attention to nuance in every vocal phrase. Any performance given by this truly wonderful soprano is one not to be missed!
As a professor of voice, I find Elizabeth to be engaging and inspirational to her students. She displays a deep concern about the artistic development of the college students she works with, and she provides an environment in which those students can develop an enthusiasm for learning, along with a disciplined approach to improving their skills. I see improvement in all of her students who develop a work ethic and follow her guidance. I feel that she creates within her studio a good balance between firm discipline and compassionate understanding. The students appreciate her knowledge and guidance, and they genuinely love and respect her!"

Alan Gerber, Associate Professor of Music, Director of Vocal/Choral Music
Valencia Community College, East Campus, Orlando, Florida
B.S.ED, M.M. Voice Performance, West Chester University, West Chester, PA
Past President, Central FL Chapter - National Association of Teachers of Singing

"Elizabeth Harmetz has been a deeply influential force in my vocal training as well as other areas of my life. Her skills and knowledge brought me focus, confidence, and determination. I am not only a better singer and performer but a stronger woman. Her ability to reach into her student's core is something that makes her unique and successful. I learned more about my voice but also learned to tap into various emotions in order to strengthen my instrument. Her breathing methods are unmatched in their direct ability to harness the potential of my singing. She offers not only voice instruction but cares enough about her students to help them overcome personal obstacles that may be blocking their path to becoming exceptional performers. I recommended a number of students to her while I was a teacher and all of them improved tremendously. I always use the knowledge she imparted to me to prepare me for whatever role lies ahead on stage and in life."

Marybeth Holloway, MFA Assistant Professor of Theatre and Speech, USC Lancaster

"I had the great pleasure of being a student with Elizabeth for almost two years while living in the Los Angeles area. As a long time singer and student, I had planned to simply get my voice "back in working order" while working with Elizabeth, but in the end I learned SO much more. She was extraordinary in helping me to realize my true vocal potential and work through many self esteem issues that were holding me back as a performer. She helped improve my audition techniques and taught me new vocal skills I never dared to attempt in my 15 years as a singer and performer. The greatest thing she gave me, besides an improved sense of Self, was the confidence and knowledge to become a teacher of my own vocal studio. I have been teaching privately for almost two years now on the East Coast and it is the most rewarding experience in my life. I am forever grateful to Elizabeth for not only her knowledge, but her support."

Debbie Lahti, Singer & Voice Teacher

"I did sing hymn and psalm harmony vocals during the church services Sunday (where I also performed Bach, Albionioni, etc for the First Sunday of Lent)...I felt much more relaxed and free, the sound felt vibrant, and it was voluntary not mandatory that I sing...anyway, I am just beginning to incorporate and enjoy some principles of the teaching from you and Arthur..."

Cody Gillette, Composer, Pianist, Singer

"I attended a performance of my Fair Lady at the Wellington on January 29 2009. Co-starring with Michael Allinson, who has played Henry Higgins for years on Broadway was Elizabeth Harmetz as Eliza Doolittle. Elizabeth gave an outstanding performance as Eliza. She inspired everyone with her beautiful singing, and her wit as she was transformed into a graceful and lovely lady. It was a Broadway performance enjoyed by all."

Angel E. Michael, Resident The Wellington

"Dear Elizabeth, my friends were so complementary about your performance. The most critical and most knowledgable were only awed."

Nancy Friedman, Vice President St. Cecilia Club

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