Private Voice and Singing Lessons

Learn to Sing, Speak, and Act with Conscious Vocal Power

It is possible to reach glorious heights in Life and Art. Elizabeth Harmetz’s multi-faceted technique weaves vocal science and art into an organic web of mind/body/spirit. With Conscious Vocal Power we truly integrate our whole Selves. By remembering and revealing who we are and who we are capable of being, entertainers become artists, speakers become storytellers, and actors become communicators.

Voice lessons in Vocal Awareness® offers a sustainable voice technique.Elizabeth Harmetz offers lessons in a healthy and sustainable vocal technique that creates beautiful singing, resonant speaking, and an opening for the true creative expression that comes from freedom and surrender. Singing, speaking, and acting now begin with a truly compassionate and loving breath, which melts self-consciousness and insecurity. As we connect to our source of life, we know why we sing. We know why we are here. We learn to sing better and with more of our selves.

Private Voice Lessons with Elizabeth Harmetz

Your private voice lesson environment is always supportive, creative and playful. Elizabeth Harmetz embraces students as the artists they yearn to be. The standards are high – in an atmosphere of patience and love nothing short of mastery, surrender, and sovereignty is expected.

Along the way to Conscious Vocal Power we
• Develop tone, pitch, breath, intonation, emphasis, dynamic range, stature, relaxation and voice quality.
• Truly gain awareness of the physical tensions and habits that are hindering style and develop techniques to eradicate physical, emotional and technical challenges, enhancing our capacity to sing, speak, and act freely.
• Increase enjoyment and confidence in singing and unleash spirit!
• Become more conscious, authentic, and powerful communicators.
• Create profound art by expressing and inhabiting our true Self.

Private Voice Lessons with Elizabeth Harmetz are Mastery Sessions using voice, text, and music as the medium for individual exploration and expression. All voice lessons are individually customized to help you learn to sing effectively. Each private session stems from the context of the your current level of development in voice, art, and life as well as your commitment to revealing your true nature.

Explore, Discover, and Release

Learn to sing effectively with private voice lessonsSometimes a voice session may feel like a familiar singing lesson, focused on technical exercises, detailed work within songs, and songs performed. Other times the focus, while still vocal, may delve into the depths of unconscious fear and stepping into personal power. There is nothing routine about an Elizabeth Harmetz voice lesson. No matter what aspect is worked, the integration of mind/body/spirit is always present, allowing students to release physical and emotional tension they hadn’t previously recognized.

In your lessons new tools are quickly developed to break the limiting habitual patterns in singing, speaking, and in life. Private voice lessons are flexible and interactive, always with the specific student in mind. Each session is individually tailored to the student’s goals, musical development, acting, singing style, and level of experience. Students are always encouraged to ask questions and record their voice lessons. The objective is to explore, discover, and release the student’s unique singing and speaking voice thereby creating the foundation for a lifetime of artistic freedom and creative expression.

Elizabeth Harmetz’s promise to her students is her challenge to herself:
“I will support your process with love and compassion, knowing full well that the only way out, is through.”

Private voice lessons are available in person in Los Angeles and by phone or internet..