What Vocal Awareness® means to me

Real Life Tools

Vocal Awareness® has strengthened my personal mission as a teacher and as an artist, providing me with profound tools to make a real difference in my students’ lives. Vocal Awareness® confronts me with my humanity and asks me to come forth as a champion and a leader, while simultaneously demanding I love and nurture myself first. It provides structure on every level, teaching me to own my power and connect to my inner authority in every conscious moment. After years of bodywork, including nine years of Alexander Technique, I experience a deeper understanding of standing in Stature with Vocal Awareness®. I discover that as my body grows tall so does my sense of Self and my deeper integrity.

Vocal Awareness® provides specific rituals to connect to source and my truest Self. It demands surrender, self-acceptance, and attention to detail at a level I haven’t previously experienced. In Vocal Awareness® I believe anything and everything are possible for me, for my students, and for the world.

Personal Growth, the Hero’s Journey

How to sing with Vocal Awareness

My personal growth as an evolving being, teacher and artist is significant to my students as I lead by my own example, visiting the same interior and exterior places, I expect of my students. Since beginning this Work, I understand and reveal more of myself as an artist/teacher and have more confidence in my ability to realize my own dreams. I am happier, more loving, more conscious, and more aware. My artistry has improved many times as I consciously weave story, emotion, and technique into a greater whole. I sing more effectively in different styles and have a clearer vision for myself as a teacher and as a performer. I know from my personal experience how to help my students to face their fears and face themselves.

Change Yourself, Change the World

What separates Vocal Awareness® from other voice methods is its attention to detail and its goal whether in life, business, or the arts, to live in Vocal Mastery. Vocal Awareness® voice lessons openly teach mind/body/spirit integration. The Work is specifically about building integrity, leadership, and personal power. Other methods may include these qualities as possible results but do not represent them as the primary goal.

Vocal Awareness® truly serves the individual and the planet. It will inspire you as it inspires me to lead our best lives and make a difference in our work, our families, and our communities. I invite you to take the Vocal Awareness® journey with me.

Yours Sincerely,
Elizabeth Harmetz